Most people usually have a regular cleaning schedule for their homes. This is not usually the case for the house exteriors as it is often easy to forget about them. Your home’s exterior outlook is just as important as the interior. Taking care of your home’s exterior has never been easier than it is today.

Only one call to Spray Exterior Cleaning and we’ll be there to make your house glitter. All sorts of dirt, mould, grime, mildew and other nasty substances tend to collect on your windows, walkways, siding and even patios, especially after a long winter. It becomes necessary to clean your house exterior so that it can stay spick and span and not harbour any unwanted growth.

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At Sea Spray Exterior Cleaning, we can detail virtually every surface of your home. Our skilled professional technicians have the knowledge and equipment to clean your windows, siding, trim, flashing and driveways. We are just a call away. You can also visit our website and schedule a visit from Sea Spray Exterior Cleaning.

House Washing Services

We use two approaches to clean your home: hand wash or soft wash and pressure washing, both of which are very effective. Soft was is generally preferred for vinyl, wood and delicate surface while power washing is preferred for more robust surfaces. Our technicians will recommend an appropriate method for cleaning all the surfaces in your home, which will give them the necessary shine. 

Power And Pressure Washing Services

Power washing is the most economical solution for restoring your deck, siding and driveways to their original glory. Arguably, none of Sea Spray Exterior Cleaning services provides the instant gratification of pressure washing. Our pressure washing services are done without using harsh chemicals as we employ the latest technology to deliver the expected results. Our trained staff usually makes every effort to minimise hassle and maximise convenience. They take care of moving around your patio furniture or other belongings as necessary to ensure thorough washing. Above all, you don’t even have to be home for us to complete the service.

Window Washing Services

Our professional window washing service leaves all your skylights, windows, storm windows, French doors, and glass panels shiny at all times! As a provider of the best exterior cleaning services in Bluffton Sc, we adopt the latest water purification technology, ensuring that your windows get a spot-free and streak-free shine. Our state of the art carbon fibre extension poles allows us to get to even the most robust windows while standing safely on the ground.

Roof Cleaning Services

Does your roof look a little weathered? Worry not, Sea Spray Exterior Cleaning, the best exterior cleaning services in Bluffton Sc, has got you covered.  Our residential roof cleaning service may be just all it needs! Our trained technicians will clean for you all types of roofs safely and effectively. We will brighten up for you any dull-looking ceilings and add instant curb appeal to your home while lengthening the life of your roofing material in the process. 

How Can I Clean The Outside Of My House Without A Pressure Washer?

Scrub the areas with a soft-bristled brush on the end of an extension pole, working in small sections at a time. Start at the top and work your way down; this allows the dirt to wash down and keeps the bleach from staining.

Rinse the cleanup answer off the siding before it dries.

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